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Biometric Facial Recognition Time Clocks

Biometric Facial Recognition time clocks allow you to control payroll costs by eliminating all buddy punching. Facial recognition allows employees to clock in and out without touching anything. Once enrolled, employees only need to look at the terminal to clock in and out. This offers a touch-less, hygienic alternative for time and attendance management. These time clocks produce fast and accurate biometric identification. An infra-red light source enables face identification in poorly lit environments quickly and efficiently. Employees can't lose or forget their faces, so there is no excuse to have missed punches because of lost badges or forgotten PIN numbers. Facial Recognition time clocks for your time and attendance needs are the hottest new products and are available now at affordable prices.

Time Clock Discounts offers the best technology for biometric facial recognition time clock systems:

Facial Recognition Time Clocks are Hygienic and Sanitary Solutions For Time And Attendance Needs

Facial recognition technology allows employees to be able to clock in and out with a hands-free, clean environment helping to avoid the spread of germs. The face recognition time clocks offered through Time Clock Discounts also reduces issues with unreadable fingerprints due to working environments. Facial recognition time and attendance systems also accurately identify employees, thus eliminating buddy punching, wage fraud and theft of time. Your business will now have the ability to accurately record employee work hours in an effective and easy to use manner.