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Fingerprint Time Clock - Biometric

Biometric Fingerprint time clocks allow you to control payroll costs by eliminating all buddy punching. The finger reader automatically takes a three-dimensional reading of the size and shape of a hand and uses a mathematical algorithm to verify the user's identity. Employees can't lose or forget their fingers, so there is no excuse to have missed punches because of lost or forgotten badges. Fingerprint clocks work best in cleaner environments like offices and restaurants and are also the most affordable type of biometric time and attendance systems available today.

Easy To Use and Affordable Time & Attendance Systems

Affordable for any size business, biometric fingerprint time clocks have advanced dramatically over the years and are more efficient, very easy to use and a cost-effective way to track employee time and attendance. Time Clock Discounts offers the following fingerprint time clocks for your any size business:

Systems like these also assist in the time consuming effort of calculating an employee’s total hours worked including vacations and sick days used. With just a few clicks, applicable reports are generated.

When comparing to the traditional punch clocks, these biometric fingerprint time clocks prove to offer many advantages like eliminating time theft, ridding of "buddy punching" by co-workers and assistance with payroll disputes. Find the easy of managing employee time with any of our biometric fingerprint time clocks and associated time and attendance systems.