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HandPunch 4000 Time Clock With Serial Connection to PC


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The HandPunch 4000 is more than a simple time and attendance terminal - it's also an important HR communication tool. This system gives you the ability to send messages to employees when they punch. In addition, employees can view up to 24 information fields to find out about their schedule, total hours worked, and more.

10 Programmable Data Management Keys
Ten user-definable data management keys let you collect and/or display data as employees punch. Common data collection uses include department transfers, tips collected, job codes, or pay codes. The keys can also be defined to allow employees to review punches or find out about their schedules, vacation time accumulated, hours worked, and other programmed information. To reduce keystrokes, the keys can also be set to automatically enter data such as a frequently used department number or in/out status.

Other Data Management Key Features Include:
Employee messaging
Review of employee information fields
Validation tables to ensure proper data entry
Access restriction to keys by employee
User defined prompts
Multi-level input sequences definable per key
Decision menus to minimize keystrokes
Schedules by Employee

Emaployee Schedules
Employee schedules may be downloaded to the HandPunch 4000 to restrict the times that an employee can punch. This can reduce unauthorized overtime as well as early "in" punches. A separate schedule can be defined for each employee providing the ultimate in flexibility.

Built-in Bar Code Reader
Some installations require the use of a badge. For these situations, the HandPunch 4000 includes an integrated bar code reader that can be used for ID number entry. The swipe-type reader supports the most popular bar code formats and allows for infrared badges.

Communications and Networking
Whether your needs are to network two terminals or thousands, the HandPunch 4000 can be configured to meet your needs. Standard RS-485 communications makes networking terminals easy and reliable. Options include an Ethernet Communications Module and a 28.8K internal modem for remote sites. Each unit also provides RS-232 serial printer support.

Edit-at-the-Clock Functions
The system allows supervisors to override user restrictions and to input such items as missed punches, planned vacations, sick time, etc. The password-protected mode provides greater supervisor flexibility by lessening the need for computer edits. Audit trails are available to ensure security.

Bell Schedules
The bell schedule lets you program the day, time, and duration of a series of bells. The bells can be programmed to signal the beginning or end of a shift, lunch, or break.

Door Control
The HandPunch 4000 provides the capability to unlock and monitor a door.  


  • Employee Capacity (Standard): 530
  • Employee Upgrade (Optional): 3498
  • Communication (Standard): RS232 Serial (50' cable included) or RS422/485 Serial (converter required)
  • Communication Upgrade (Optional): Modem (requires MD200) or TCPIP Ethernet (requires EN200)


  • HP-4000 Terminal with 530 User Capacity (upgrade available to 3498 users)
  • 50ft serial cable communication (optional MD-500 modem or EN200 TCPIP Ethernet)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Hardware to Mount Handpunch On Wall
  • AC Power Supply
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • No Time Cards or Badge Cards Are Needed to Clock IN/OUT
  • The Employees Hand Is Their Time Card
  • Employees Punch Time by Entering Their PIN Number Then Placing Their Hand on the Terminal
  • Positively Identifies Each Employee by the Unique Size and Shape of the Top of Their Hand
  • Eliminate Buddy Punching and Lower Your Payroll Costs
  • Unparalleled Accuracy and Reliability
  • Fast Setup and Easy To Use
  • Install the Software on Your PC
  • Connect the Handpunch to Your PC
  • Use Single Terminal or Multiple Terminals
  • Free 90 Day Setup Support Included
  • Hand Scanning Technology Assures 100% Accurate Time Tracking


Every hand is unique. The HandPunch takes over 90 measurements of the length, width, thickness, and surface area of the hand and four fingers--all in just 1 second. The technology uses a 32,000-pixel CCD digital camera to record the hand's three-dimensional shape from silhouetted images projected within the HandPunch. The HandPunch disregards surface details, such as fingerprints, lines, scars, dirt, as well as fingernails, which may grow or be cut from day to day. Because the HandPunch uses the unique shape of the users hand to verify identity, it can be used in machine shops, factories, manufacturing plants, and almost any industrial environment where fingerprint HandPunch would not work properly. When a person uses the HandPunch, it compares the shape of the user's hand to a template recorded during an enrollment session. If the template and the hand match, the HandPunch records the transaction in its memory for later download by the time & attendance software.

We recommend using the CompuTime101 software to provide time card reports. During enrollment of the employee's hand, which takes approximately 30 seconds, the internal HandPunch processor and software convert the hand image to a 9-byte mathematical template, which is the average of the three readings. The user's template will reside in the clocks internal memory alowing the employee to use the clock even if it is not connected to a computer. Hand geometry still has the highest user acceptance. With the highest level of accuracy and ease of use, the HandPunch remains as the most widely accepted biometric technology in use today.


Hand geometry measures the size and shape of a person’s hand, including the length, width, thickness and surface area. When the user places his or her hand on the platen of the HandPunch, the device scans the hand to determine if the profile stored in the system matches the hand on the platen. No fingerprint or palm print is stored in the device. Data is not shared with any outside agencies or companies. Verification takes place in about one second. Unauthorized access is eliminated since credentials cannot be duplicated. Since the “credential” cannot be lost or stolen there is no cost to replace lost, damaged or stolen cards or keys. Hand geometry accurately identifies the user even if his or her hand is dirty, wet or injured, or if the device is damp, dusty or dirty.


Do you know what Buddy Punching is? Do you know how much Buddy Punching can cost your company?

"Buddy-Punching" is when a co-worker clocks in or out for another employee. With text messaging and the widespread use of cell phones, it is easy and convenient for an employee to text a co-worker, "hey, can you punch in for me, I'm 15 minutes late. say I went down the hall." The cost of missed labor hours can be very high. Studies have shown that if you have 15 employees receiving pay for merely 4 minutes of "wasted" time per day (untracked breaks, extended lunches, over-approximated punch times, etc) this will total 1380 minutes, which is 23 hours, of additional pay per month. If your average pay rate is $10.00 per hour, then you are paying an extra $230 each month for labor not worked. Add in an estimated employer contribution for FICA and other employer payroll taxes of 10%, and your annual cost for Buddy-Punching is $3,036.

Now, if on top of that each employee is late 20 minutes just one time per month, that is another $660 per year, which brings the total up to $3,696 per year. What happens when your hourly wage is higher than $10 per hour? It's easy to see how costly Buddy-Punching is and what a drain it is on your company's resources.


  • Easy Setup and 90 Days FREE Setup Support
  • 25 Employee Capacity (Upgrade to 50, 100, 250, or Unlimited)
  • Numerous Payroll Exports - Including QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, Sure Payroll, Millenium, Payroll Associates, Evolution, and many more
  • Password Protection
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly Pay Periods
  • Report by Pay Period or Custom Date Range
  • Unlimited Punches per Day
  • Unlimited Departments
  • Daily and Weekly Overtime Calculation
  • Add Benefit Hours Such As Sick, Vacation, Personal, etc...
  • Shift Rule Allows: In and Out Revision Zone to Control Unauthorized Overtime, Punch Rounding and Automatic Lunch Deduction
  • Easily Add or Correct Punches
  • Auto Poll Included - Download Punches on Your Schedule
  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Manage Multiple Clocks with One Software
  • Manage Employee Hand Templates (HandPunch Teminals)
  • Filter Reports by Employee or Department
  • Filter Reports by Individual Clock Site
  • Color Coded Reports for Easy Viewing
  • Reports for Added/Edited and Deleted Punches
  • Gross Wage Calculations
  • Updates Available For Download
  • Numerous Detailed Reports


  • 1 year extended software support agreement includes UNLIMITED phone, remote PC support, and email support.
  • Includes software updates


Define up to 9999 different shifts. Each employee can have a different shift and shifts can be assigned by day (such as shift 1 Monday-Thursday, shift 3 on Friday).  Shift rules include the following features:

  • Revision Zones (9 in and 9 out zones) - Control unauthorized overtime by not calculating time before and after defined shift times. A supervisor can override a revision zone at any time on a case by case basis.
  • Punch Rounding - Round punches to a quarter hour with flexible break points. You can be as strict or lenient as you want and round in punches different than out punches. In addition, you can specify 2 exempt zones during which time punches are not rounded.
  • Automatic Lunch Deduction (2 levels) - Automatically deduct lunch based on continuous hours worked with the ability to set a larger deduction for longer shifts.
  • Paid and Unpaid Break - Qualify breaks based on duration to be paid or unpaid. You can also enforce a minimum deduction for employees that punch out for less time than required.
  • Overtime Override - Set custom overtime levels for employees that are subject to different levels than the rest of the company. This feature also allows you to apply overtime rates to an entire day, such as all Sunday hours are overtime.
  • Enhanced Early/Late Tracking - Each shift can have times defined to determine if an employee arrived early, arrived late, left early, or left late. In addition, the enhanced report will flag all early/late punches and provide a count of occurrences for each item.
  • Daily Hour Budgets - Track expected versus actual hours for each shift to help identify wasted labor hours.


  • Install the CompuTime101 software on multiple computers and share the data.
  • Setup multiple user names and passwords to track which user made punch corrections.
  • Assign user rights to restrict access to features such as wages or punch editing.


  • Collect a user entered code at the terminal.
  • You define the codes, ranging from 1-9 digits (8 digits max with the HandPunch clock).
  • Codes can be used to track departments, jobs, etc...
  • Detail and summary reports are available and can be filtered by code number.

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