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Auto Calculating Time Clocks Saves Time & Eliminate Costly Errors

PC software integrated with your time clocks only requires that you install the software on your computer. Employees punch in/out on the time clock and the punches are transferred to the software. You use your computer to review the punches, edit the punches and print reports so you can finalize payroll input. You also have the ability to create a file and import this file into your payroll software and eliminate the need to keypunch your payroll input every time.

Benefits of using PC software with Time Clocks:

  • User/Password protected.
  • Can handle weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay.
  • Allows you to edit employee punches, view reports at your PC monitor, export data to 3rd party payroll programs, and save data to text file.
  • Enhances accuracy for payroll
  • Saves you time by cutting payroll preparation!

Most of these clocks connect to your computer network using an Ethernet cable. Some connect directly to a PC.

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