uAttend BN6000 Hosted Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

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Cloud software subscription is required
  • uAttend BN6000 Hosted Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock
  • uAttend BN6000 Hosted Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock
  • uAttend BN6000 Hosted Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock
  • uAttend BN6000 Hosted Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock
  • uAttend BN6000 Hosted Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock
  • uAttend BN6000 Hosted Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock
  • uAttend BN6000 Hosted Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock



uAttend’s BN6000 offers you a cloud-based time clock that helps to eliminate buddy punching with its advanced biometric fingerprint technology and works by plugging it directly into your router.

uAttend gives you the flexibility to create rules for lockouts, rest and meal breaks, and overtime to ensure your business remains compliant and your employees are paid appropriately for their time. Save yourself time by empowering your employees to help manage your workforce with customizable access to the cloud. Allow employees to punch from the time clock, the web, a smartphone, or the telephone.

The cloud-based system is always available so you can export your data to your payroll provider and get critical business analytics from any Internet connected device in the world. It offers everything you need from a time and attendance system and so much more.


  • Biometric Reader: Fingerprint
  • Other punch options: PIN Punching, Smartphone, Web, and Telephone
  • Customizable Display
  • Large Color Display
  • Voice Response
  • Plug n' Play Internet Ready
  • Connects to the Internet via: LAN
  • 2,000 Employees
  • Quick and easy setup, including unlimited support
  • Track start times, break times, meal times, and finish times
  • Transfer Departments from the time clock
  • Job tracking from the time clock

Cloud Software:

  • Required subscription to the cloud allows you to access all punch data 24/7
  • Rules and policies created in the cloud seamlessly integrate onto the time clock
  • Add and edit positions and permissions with ease
  • Transfer employees among departments, locations, and track jobs
  • Pay periods: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, and Monthly
  • Manage shifts, punch rounding, overtime, lockouts, accruals, vacation, holiday hours, and much more.
  • Run real time reports on missed punches, employee hours, time card reports and much more.
  • Create optional IP and geolocation restrictions for web and smartphone punching
  • FREE iPhone/Android Smartphone App
  • Employers can email time cards to employees.
  • Employees can view their cumulative hours and send time off requests from the time clock and in the cloud.
  • Hundreds of export options for your payroll, including ADP®, Paychex®, and QuickBooks®
  • FREE Lifetime Replacements*
  • FREE Lifetime Support*
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Free Software Updates for Life
  • Your subscription includes unlimited access to customer and technical support by phone, email, or live chat.



uAttend is the most cost-effective time and attendance system available! This state-of-the-art time clock connects effortlessly to any network and transmits all data to the Internet, allowing you to perform time and attendance functions from any computer with Internet access in real time. The system allows employees to punch in and out from the time clock, from a computer, iPhone or Android application, or from a touch-tone telephone, as determined by the system administrator.

uAttend Mobile App

  • uAttend provides system users with free iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone apps for employees, supervisors and administrators. The apps put these great features at your fingertips 24/7:
  • Employees - Punch in or out from any location (with geolocation tagging) or only authorized locations.
  • Employees - View their timecard 24/7.
  • Employees - Add notes to any punches.
  • Supervisors & Administrators - Do a "group punch" (punching multiple employees in and out with one click)
  • Supervisors & Administrators - View and / or edit an employee's timecard.
  • Supervisors & Administrators - Check the "Who's In" board, to see, in real-time, who is currently clocked in and out.
  • Administrators - Run a summary report and export data for payroll.

Secure and Versatile Time Punching

  • The uAttend time clock fingerprint scanning technology keeps track of individual employees, eliminating accidental punches in or out across the workforce and purposeful buddy punching. The reading unit's simple plug and play Ethernet connection is convenient and allows immediate use. Remote employees can also punch in or out with the software app on a computer or smartphone, or they can use a telephone.

Expansive Software

  • Manage time data from the time clock with the software's collection of tools, including accruals for vacation or sick leave, overtime and general time tracking, among others. Then export reports to hundreds of supported accounting and payroll companies. Use the online app to access employee time records from any device, at any time, as punches are automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Customizable Subscription

  • Only pay for what you need with uAttend's tiered subscription pricing for workforce size, and save even more with the free app for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones. Call, email or chat with customer support for unlimited help with technical questions about the fingerprint time clock or software questions.
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