uAttend Touch Tablet WiFi Time Clock – JR2000

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  • uAttend Touch Tablet WiFi Time Clock – JR2000
  • uAttend Touch Tablet WiFi Time Clock – JR2000
  • uAttend Touch Tablet WiFi Time Clock – JR2000



Introducing the uAttend JR2000 Touch Tablet Time Clock Biometric Finger scanner and RFID Card Reader!

  • Punch with biometric finger scanner, RFID, or PIN.
  • Track shifts, breaks, meals, department transfers, and job tracking.
  • Never miss a punch if the network goes down with offline mode.
  • Plug and play with easy WiFi and LAN set up.
  • Give employees free on-demand access to earned wages from the clock.
  • All punch data automatically syncs to the cloud where you can view from anywhere.

Streamline your time tracking and employee management with one cloud connected touch tablet time clock.

  • Lowest priced touch tablet time clock on the market.
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner helps eliminate buddy punching.
  • Cloud software shows real-time punch data, insights, and analytics.
  • Overtime alerts help control labor costs.
  • Dozens of reports available in the cloud.


uAttend is the most cost-effective time and attendance system available! This state-of-the-art time clock connects effortlessly to any network and transmits all data to the Internet, allowing you to perform time and attendance functions from any computer with Internet access in real time. The system allows employees to punch in and out from the time clock, from a computer, iPhone or Android application, or from a touch-tone telephone, as determined by the system administrator.

uAttend Mobile App

  • uAttend provides system users with free iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone apps for employees, supervisors and administrators. The apps put these great features at your fingertips 24/7:
  • Employees - Punch in or out from any location (with geolocation tagging) or only authorized locations.
  • Employees - View their timecard 24/7.
  • Employees - Add notes to any punches.
  • Supervisors & Administrators - Do a "group punch" (punching multiple employees in and out with one click)
  • Supervisors & Administrators - View and / or edit an employee's timecard.
  • Supervisors & Administrators - Check the "Who's In" board, to see, in real-time, who is currently clocked in and out.
  • Administrators - Run a summary report and export data for payroll.

Secure and Versatile Time Punching

  • The uAttend time clock fingerprint scanning technology keeps track of individual employees, eliminating accidental punches in or out across the workforce and purposeful buddy punching. The reading unit's simple plug and play Ethernet connection is convenient and allows immediate use. Remote employees can also punch in or out with the software app on a computer or smartphone, or they can use a telephone.

Expansive Software

  • Manage time data from the time clock with the software's collection of tools, including accruals for vacation or sick leave, overtime and general time tracking, among others. Then export reports to hundreds of supported accounting and payroll companies. Use the online app to access employee time records from any device, at any time, as punches are automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Customizable Subscription

  • Only pay for what you need with uAttend's tiered subscription pricing for workforce size, and save even more with the free app for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones. Call, email or chat with customer support for unlimited help with technical questions about the fingerprint time clock or software questions.
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