Compumatic MP550 Electronic Time Clock & Validation Time Stamp

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The fully featured, multi-purpose MP550 time clock can be used for a variety of tasks including payroll, job costing, validating documents, and document stamping. The versatile MP550 is a valuable addition to any office. Advanced features include programmable print formats and custom alpha-numeric text printing. Easy to use. Heavy duty and durable, the MP550 is virtually maintenance free.


  • MP550 Time Recorder
  • One installed ribbon (purple)
  • Instruction Manual 
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


  • Programmable Alpha Numeric Printing (Up to 3 Lines)
  • Battery Backup Consecutive Numbering (1 to 8 Digits) With Up to 9 Repeats
  • Assists With Document Management, Filing, and Retrieving
  • Manual or Automatic Print
  • High Speed Dot Matrix Printer
  • Selectable Print Format
  • Over 300 Print Configurations Are Available: Selectable Hour Format (12 Or 24) and Choice of Standard Minutes, Tenths or Hundredths and Even Seconds
  • Thirteen Preset Messages in English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese (Rcvd, Sent, In, Out, Cfmd, Filed, Paid, Used, Faxed, Void, Origin, Apr'd, Cmpl'd)
  • Multi Language Support Prints in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese
  • Programmable I-Mark (*), the Irregular Mark, Identifies Early and Late Punches
  • Secure Key Lock and User Selected Password Protects Program Menu
  • Large, Digital Clock Display
  • Automatically Advances Year, Month, Date, and Time
  • Automatically Adjusts For Daylight Savings Time
  • Easy To Replace Ribbon Cartridge
  • Uses Standard K-1400 Time Cards
  • Used For Payroll, Job Costing, or To Validate Any Form
  • Place on Desk or Easily Mounts on Wall
  • Optional Signal Circuit and Programmable Bell Schedule Sold Separately
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