Compumatic XL1000e Computerized Totaling Time Clock

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Save time and eliminate clerical errors, the fully automatic XL1000e time recorder automatically calculates hours for up to 100 active employees. No PC required, punch totals are automatically printed directly on the time card, along with the running pay period total. Employees simply drop in the card and the clock does the rest.


    • Accommodates up to 100 active employees or jobs
    • Precision quartz controlled accuracy
    • Large illuminated digital display
    • Reliable high speed dot matrix printer
    • Easy to replace ribbon cartridge
    • Fully automatic time card feed & alignment - eliminates operator mistakes and reduces time required to punch in and out
    • Accumulates total worked hours, prints totals directly on the time card
    • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly pay period
    • Accommodates overnight shifts
    • Unlimited punches per day (64 total per pay period)
    • Prints 12-hour or 24-hour time
    • Prints day of week or date of month
    • Prints calculated totals in minutes or 100ths (decimal)
    • Calculates actual or rounded time
    • Flexible rounding available per punch or total hours
    • Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment
    • Missing in/out punch override
    • Available calculation rules (revision zones) to control early in / late out punches
    • Program up to 3 break/lunch deductions
    • Available setting to turn off calculation, a Compumatic exclusive. Use the XL1000e as a Fully Automatic non-calculating time clock!!
    • Multi-Language support: English, Spanish, French & more
    • Locks securely to prevent tampering
    • Built in lithium battery protects all data during power outages
    • Wall or table mount
    • Easy to program (free setup support included)
    • Optional full power reserve (fully functional during outages) sold separately
    • Optional relay available to control external signal sold separately
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