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PIN Entry & Badge Time Clocks

PIN Entry time clock systems allow your employees to simply enter a personalized identification number to clock in or out. Where employees forget badges, these systems are quite functional as a back-up or addition to any badge entry time clocks.

Proximity Badge time clock systems allow employees to wave their badge near the time clock terminal to clock in or out and are popular because there is no need to fish the card from a wallet and swipe. Employees bring the card within a few inches of a main terminal and the reader will pick up the signal.

Some of the great features our PIN Entry and Proximity Badge time clock systems include some or all of the following:

  • Easy connection to any wired router
  • Web hosted time clocks solutions
  • Export data to a 3rd party payroll program
  • Punch in and receive reports anywhere
  • Online hosted time management options to allow employees to punch in or out via the internet, phone or even a smartphone app!

Many of our PIN Entry and Proximity Badge components offer Ethernet connectivity as well, making it easy to add additional time clocks throughout your facility. We offer many PIN Entry and Badge time clock solutions from uAttend, Acroprint, Compumatic and Icon:


PIN Entry and Proximity Badge Time Clocks Can Save Your Business Money

Keeping track of employees' time and their attendance as well as avoiding "buddy punching" is a huge burden for employers. Automated time and attendance systems like PIN Entry and Proximity Badge time clocks greatly assist in these matters as well as ultimately save your business money like averting money wasted per employee per pay period from long lunches, being late and leaving early. Also most systems will interface with your payroll company to help eliminate errors in transferring hours. All PIN Entry and Proximity Badge Time Clocks allow you to collect your employee time data in a more organized way, eliminates the risk of errors with manual tracking of employee time and overall helps your business organize employee time better to ultimately save you money.