Compumatic TR440dS Electronic Time Recorder Digital Top-Loading

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The heavy duty TR440dS time recorder has the durability demanded by a large business and the ease of use desired by a small business purchasing their first payroll time clock. Automatic card feed and alignment helps prevent accidental over punching and the easy to audit time card layout makes reviewing time cards simple. The TR440dS always prints on the correct line on the time cards and is virtually maintenance free. A large, backlit digital display is easy to read from a distance. With a built-in battery backup, automatic daylight savings time adjustment, perpetual calander, and synchronized display, the TR440dS will always have the correct time. Easy to use and works well in all office environments.

Time cards come in two styles. Weekly/Bi-Weekly style cards are used by companies that either pay Weekly (use one side of the card) or Bi-Weekly (use both sides of the card - one side for each week). Semi-Monthly/Monthly style cards are used by companies that either pay Semi-Monthly (use one side of the card) or Monthly (use both sides of the card). Be sure to order more time cards and an extra ribbon so you will be all set.


  • TR440dS Time Clock
  • Black Ribbon Installed
  • Instruction Booklet
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Large Backlit Digital Display
  • Precision Quartz Accuracy
  • Automatic Card Feed and Alignment
  • Easy To Audit "Across the Card" Format
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly Payroll Cycles
  • Automatic In/Out Space Change
  • Automatic Day Space Change
  • Built-In Battery Backup
  • High Density Dot Matrix Printer
  • Automatically Resets For Daylight Savings Time
  • Selectable Print Format 12/24 Hr, 10ths/60ths/100ths, Day Of Week or Date 
  • Long-Life, Easy To Replace Ribbon Cartridge
  • Large, Analog Clock Face W/ Digital Display
  • Easy To Program (Includes Detailed User Manual)
  • Sits on a Desk or Mounts Easily On A Wall
  • Maintenance Free Never Needs Resetting
  • Heavy-Duty, Industrial Quality
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