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uAttend Time Clock

The Solution For Employee Time Management

Check out our uAttend time clock line for small businesses. We offer many time and attendance software models perfect for any business to track employee hours, including:

Use uAttend time clock systems to easily track employee hours and the accompanying time and attendance software (view the secure login portal) to access your system from any PC or MAC.

Time and Attendance Software To Easily Track Employee Hours

Our time and attendance software is a web-based solution that makes it very easy for you to get up and running. You do not have to install or periodically update any software, or back-up any data. This is all done for you using the Internet. Additionally, it's easy to login to your uAttend time clock software anytime, anywhere, using any PC or Mac (yes, you can use your Mac) with Internet access to track employee hours, edit punches and print reports so you can finalize your payroll. You also have the ability to create a file and import this file into your payroll software and eliminate the need to keypunch your payroll input every time. This greatly enhances accuracy and is a big time saver.

Time and Attendance Software via Ethernet or WIFI – Your Choice

Most of the uAttend time clocks connect to your computer network using an Ethernet cable. Some connect using wireless internet technology which means there are no cables to run. It doesn't get easier than this.

Keep in mind that time and attendance software is a web-based service and does require small, monthly access fees. Call or email us if you have any questions about the uAttend time clocks, the related time and attendance software or if you are looking for any other alternative way to track employee hours easily and more efficiently.